If you've been running Facebook advertising for more than a minute, as I have, you'll remember the days when a "like" could be had for pennies on the dollar.  And targeting was niche audiences was a piece of cake!

Those were the days.

Actually, those still are the days (if you apply of bit of my "thinking around the box" techniques).

These days, if you run a standard Facebook campaign, you may end up paying $5, $10 or even $15 (yes, I had one client where non-targeted likes were going to cost her $15 per like - seriously!)  Why would a small business owner or published author, as she was, pay this exorbitant amount? I can't even think of a reason why a major brand like Coca Cola would pay this amount, simply for a Facebook like.  Makes no sense.

You know me, where's there is an obstacle, there's a solution calling my name!

So, I applied my Boost 4 a Like principle.

And it works like this:

  • You have a solid (relevant) landing page set-up on your website.
  • You create a fabulous graphic related to this page, and add your copy to it.
  • You write a short but sweet Facebook post, adding your fab graphic and linking to your landing page.  Be sure to think of how you want this post to appear to non-fans online - remember it will become your ad! Post it on Facebook.
  • You then click on the boost button that Facebook provides, this option allows you to "advertise" posts that already exist on your fan page to either current fans of your page, or the general Facebook community (using audience selection features, just as you would for a native ad).
  • Allow this boosted ad to run for the number of days that you select (can be as short as one day or as long as you'd like).  Be sure to set a daily budget - I usually set my daily budget at $3.
  • Once the ad has started to gain traction, you'll see the results below your facebook post, when you are logging in as an admin on your page (only Admins and Advertisers see this complete data).  Notice my latest boosted post, we're interested in the people who have "liked" this post.
  • Facebook Advertising on a Budget
  • Click on the blue link that lists the names of those who have liked your post.  You'll see a pop-up box like this:
    Boost Your Facebook Posts

  • Notice that next to the name of each person who "liked" my post/ad, I see an invite button.  I am not connected to any of these people, but since they have liked my post, Facebook allows me to invite them directly to like my page.  How awesome is that?
  • Currently, I've spent less than $10 and received over 54 likes.  Let's do the math.  10 divided by 54 amounts to ... wait for it ... 19 cents per lead!  Pretty cheap eh?  Much better than paying $15 per like (and more practical for those of us without a big brand budget!!).
    Facebook Ads on a Budget
  • I've seen excellent conversions with this strategy.  It's only logical - anyone who's taken the time to like your fab post is likely to be interested in you, your brand, and what you do!

And that my friends, is how you think outside of the (potentially) expensive online marketing box!