Facebook Advertising Management

Reach More Leads on Facebook

Need to reach a wider audience on your Facebook page?

Did you know that organic reach on business Facebook pages is down to less than 15%? 

This means that only a fraction of your page's fans see any given post.  If your business is posting once a week, or even once a day, you are still only reaching a small portion of your active audience (never mind your prospects).

Additionally, it is becoming harder and harder to reach "Friends of Friends" through business fan pages.

Without advertising, that is.

You might feel like scoffing.  "Well, of course, Facebook wants my advertising dollars.  I'm not buying into that."  I'd say, where else can you set-up shop with over a billion potential customers at your fingertips - for free??  Everything you do on Facebook is free, with the exception of advertising, and the ads can be effective, even on the cheap.  So what are you waiting for?

You may be thinking that Facebook advertising is out of the reach of a small business budget.  But that's not true.  Your marketing dollars can be stretched quite far with savvy placement and ad techniques.

No smoke and mirrors.  Nothing fancy.  Just smart marketing, done digitally and done right!  

I can help you get started with quality advertising campaigns on reasonably priced budgets.

Just hit the green button and let's go!

Industries I work with:

  • Associations and regional organizations
  • Healthcare (Medical, Dental, Chriopractors)
  • Industrial manufacturers and building contractors
  • Ecommerce and online stores
  • Consultants, speakers and published authors
  • Creative professionals
The Starter Plan
For Small Businesses (Facebook Ad Spends under $1k/month)

Professional Facebook Ad Management

Compelling Ad Copy

Custom Graphics

Weekly and Monthly Ad Reports

The Big Boost
For Mid-sized Businesses (Monthly Facebook Ad Spend over $1k)

Professional Facebook Ad Management

Compelling Copy

Custom Creative Graphics

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports

Facebook advertising is the holy grail of the online social media advertising space. With over 1 billion users, and a robust campaign management platform, Facebook is the best place to start for most online advertisers.
Have you considered promoted tweets? I have a soft spot for Twitter. This is the place for brands and businesses that are serious about true social media engagement. Their lead cards option is fabulous!
For traditional businesses, LinkedIn sponsored content is an excellent option in the social media ad space. If you're new to LinkedIn for your brand, I can assist you with that as well.
Other Options
For the truly creative minded business owner, we can craft strategies to target Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms as well.