Last week I shared with you part one of my Digital Marketing Calendar for 2016, and I told why I'm done with resolutions - at least in theory!

If you noticed, last week's installment covered only the first six months of the year.  I really don't want you feeling overwhelmed coming into a new year. Not good for your psyche, not good for productivity, not good for your brand.  So, now, this week it's time to reveal part two of my digital tips.  

I'd love your feedback and input on these tips.  Have you tried any of them already and let them fall by the wayside?  Why?  What hurdles are blocking your path to digital success?  Are you still feeling unconvinced about the realm of marketing online?  Not enough time or team members?  Let me hear about it!  Just shoot an email to me at swbmedia at gmail.  I read them all!

Go forth and do what you do best (and tell me about that too)!

Your 2016 Digital Marketing Calendar

Digital marketing tips - part deux!

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August 2016
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December 2016

Read last week's first part of my annual
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