CRM Management

Tame Your Sales Data

Customer relationship management.  The sticky part comes in finding time for the management portion.  You might have 10,000 names in your database.  But deep down you know that many of these names are either not valid any more, out of date, or just not going to convert.  Ever.

So why are you paying to house all that "dead weight"?

We know why.  Because the thought of going into the great unknown that is an overgrown database is more than any sane (and busy) business manager can bear.


You need a cleaner contacts list.  I can help with that.

Overwhelmed by an overgrown list of contacts?

There are a variety of ways to pare down a outgrown leads, prospects and customers database. Usually it starts with devising a way to transfer the "dead weight" out of your active automated sales and marketing system.

Ready to take back the reins on your data?  Let's chat!

My Experience

My expertise includes the following platforms:

  • Salesforce
  • Infusionsoft
  • ZohoCRM
  • AgileCRM
  • Podio
  • SugarCRM
  • and more!


Contact me for a custom pricing quote! If all of your contacts are housed in one CRM, the costs will be more streamlined.  If you are using a variety of systems, or if you don't yet have a true system in place, we should discuss pricing options.

*Infusionsoft systems and enterprise level databases (25,000+ contacts) are priced separately.